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OHCC Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

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Responding to Staging Areas--Training Video


Local Disaster Exercise FORMS:

OHCC CERT Disaster Exercises are held at various times...the next exercise being planned for early November, 2014...Below are the FORMS you will need...

Damage Assessment Form--Instructions

Team Leaders...You may want to stock up on these forms prior to an exercise or a real disaster...



Watch the training video produced on Sept. 17, 2014 with Tim Lynch and the entire Ocean Hills CERT team.

(Videograph by Joanne & Bill Harms)



Training for Kids

Animal Procedures by FEMA...185 pages (PDF file)

Checklist for Pets...


Do you have the following items ready?

  • Your written family disaster plan
  • Disaster preparedness kit
  • Crate and bedding
  • Food, water, manual can opener, and dishes
  • Plastic bags, paper towels, newspaper (when shredded, can be used as cat litter), disinfectant
  • Collar, leash, harnesses
  • Muzzles, gauze rolls
  • Identification tags
  • Current medical and vaccination records
  • Extra bottles of daily medications or copies of prescriptions with current expiration date
  • Current photos
  • Pet comfort items: towels, blankets, toys
  • A list of hotels, motels and boarding kennels that accept pets
  • Detailed instructions for animal care and rescue workers
  • First aid kit
  • Flashlights, batteries
  • Copies of health certificates
  • Out-of-state telephone contact

Flat tire repair kit


Medical Training:

Below is a youtube link to CERT Triage.  It's about 22 minutes long, but I think it does a good job of explaining the START Triage system.  Please take a few minutes to look it over.



Below is a link to a simple START flow chart that you may find useful.






Contact Us by EMAIL or Telephone (760) 945-6925

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