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Amateur Radio:

Check here for HAM Testing Schedules

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Amateur Radio:

One of the key functions that is needed during a major disaster is the ability to communicate. This would include communications between Vista CERT volunteers, and also with other CERT groups in surrounding communities.

Licensed HAM radio operators have the ability to communicate with other HAM operators that can provide emergency services from any agency or organization wherever their radio will reach. Communications would allow conditions throughout the city to be reported to a central point and then priority dispatching of CERT members/equipment to locations based on need.

The leadership of Ocean Hills CERT believes that encouraging CERT members to obtain their HAM radio license is a major step forward in preparing the Ocean Hills CERT organization for active participation when a major disaster strikes our community.

The requirements to obtain your license are not difficult. All you need to do is put in a little time to learn about ham radios and the proper procedures for their use. There are exam centers in both Carlsbad and Escondido .

Once you become a "Ham", there is a great way to look up the actual address and a map of all licensed hams...just go to, sign up, type in anyone's call sign and click on "detail" for a topographic map and clear directions of any simulated radio waves between your home and the particular call sign typed in. Just another great feature of Google maps and the ARRL making use of it for all of us.

We hope that you will give serious consideration to joining our program. If you have further questions please contact Dick Travis (KO6KU) by email or 760-724-4091

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HAM Testing Schedules
(Palomar Amateur Radio Club)

HAM CLASS IN CARLSBAD The class is August 9 and August 11 from 6:30 – 9:30PM. Class is free of charge. Location: Carlsbad Safety Center – Conference Room 3 2560 Orion Way Carlsbad CA 92010

The test will be administered in the same location on August 14th at 9:00 AM. Testing fee $5 The students are not required to purchase any materials.

It is recommended to purchase either the ARRL or the Gordon West Technical License Manual. Either one is a good study aid for before and after the class, but not required. For questions and to register email Jeff Murdock, Carlsbad CERT Team Coordinator as soon as possible at

Tests are given on the 2nd Saturday in Carlsbad and on the 4th Saturday in Escondido.

Carlsbad Information is here.

Escondido Information is here.

Good on-line sources for studying are as follows:

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OHCC Radio Net:






Activation of OHCC CERT during an emergency:

* Self Activation
* Reverse 911 notification
* HAM Radio
* 2-way FRS (Family Radio Service)

Radio Channel 1 (Team Leaders to Team Members) 2-way FRS (Family Radio Service) Radios

1. Max. Power ½ Watt. Approx. 1 to 2 mile range. Line-of-sight communication.

2. May be used for activation notice & for intra-team communications

3. Turn off before inserting or removing batteries

4. FRS channel 1 is used for all communications except when assigned a specific channel by the ICP

5. Do NOT use privacy codes

6. Turn on & adjust volume by turning squelch knob counter clockwise. When noise level is OK, turn clockwise until noise stops

7. Locate the mic & hold radio so antenna is vertical & you are talking across the mic 2" to 3" away

8. Listen to make sure the frequency is not busy, then press the PTT (Push-to-talk) button

9. However, if you have an urgent message, you may interrupt a non-urgent conversation by announcing "BREAK FOR URGENT TRAFFIC". One of the channel users should then acknowledge the break by saying "GO AHEAD".

10. It's important to remember that, unlike a phone, you can listen or talk but NOT both at the same time

11. Wait a moment after pressing the PTT button for the radio to power up then follow this procedure:

* Identify the unit being called such as "TL8" (TL=Team Leader & 8 is his/her assigned team #)

* Identify yourself "THIS IS 8-1" (8 is your team # & 1 is your member #)

* End with "OVER" to let the other party know you are finished & waiting for a reply

12. If you are TL8, your response should be:

* Identify yourself "THIS IS TL8"
* "GO AHEAD 8-1"

13. After 8-1 finishes giving his/her message & ends with "OVER", TL8 responds by: * Repeating the message or saying "MESSAGE RECEIVED" or simply "ROGER"

* Identify yourself "THIS IS TL8"
* Close with "CLEAR or OUT"

14. Unit 8-1 also closes with:

* "THIS IS 8-1"
* "CLEAR or OUT"

15. Words to remember:


* FRS Channel Assignments: Channel 1…………………May be used for notifying team members of activation

Channels 2 through 7……..Used for ICP staff positions Channels 8 through 14……Assigned to uniquely identify each Team that is deployed




Here is a "script" for general guidance on our OHCC CERT simplex Net. Conduct a "radio check" approx 15 minutes before the start of the Net to be sure that you can Tx/Rx adequately to proceed. Remember to ID every 10 min. Try to conclude the Net within 30 minutes


The OHCC CERT Communications Team Net will begin in approximately 15 minutes.


This is _____ [first name, call sign], Net Control for the OHCC CERT Communications Team Net. This Net meets each _________ at _____ hours on this simplex frequency. Stations with emergency traffic may break in at any time.

The purpose of this Net is to provide ongoing training and practice for OHCC CERT amateur radio operators in both radio operations and emergency communications. You do not need to be a member of OHCC CERT to participate in this Net, as visitors are always welcome.

This is a directed Net - all stations please direct comments to "Net Control" only and wait to be acknowledged before continuing.

At this time, I will take role call of our official Net members. Please respond with your call sign, first name, and your general location. At the conclusion of the official role call, there will be an opportunity for visitors to check in.

Are there any late or missed check-ins from regular Net members? Call signs please.

If there are any visitors to the Net this evening, please come in now with your call sign, first name and location.

Following are the stations that checked in this evening, including visitors [read through the list - this is important in case NC heard someone but no one else did]. If you do not hear your call sign, please let me know.

Are there any announcements for the Net? Call signs please.


Are there any questions for the Net? Call signs please.

Thanks everyone for checking in this evening and thanks to OHCC CERT for sponsoring this Net. For additional information on OHCC CERT, please visit our website at

Since it appears there is no further business for the Net, this concludes the OHCC CERT Communications Team Net. This is [call sign] and this Net is now closed.


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Other Local Nets:

Palomar Amateur Radio Repeater Nets (all of these repeaters use a P/L of 107.2)


0830 hrs. 146.730 ARES

1900 147.130 Handi-Hams

2045 147.075 MARA


1915 146.730RACES

2000 447.000 Winlink

2100 146.730 Microwave


1830 147.075 MARA

1900 147.130 Red Cross

2100 146.730 Off Road


2000 147.075 SATERN

2100 146.730 Ham Help

Other Local Nets

Every Night

2300 448.800 Winsystem

448.060 Insomniac Net (P/L 100.0)


1900 147.090 Catalina (P/L 79.7) Trivia Net


1900 147.420 El cajon (P/L 107.2) Donut Net


If you know of other local nets operating on either 2m or 440, let us know and we'll post them here.

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Contact Us by EMAIL or Telephone (760) 945-6925

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